May Monogram Monday

It's Monogram Monday!! We have added a few new items that we have added to the website including our seersucker scallop shorts:

These can be found here , these come in three colors:

scalloped shorts

These are perfect as a bathing suit cover up, wearing to lounge or great beach wear.

We have also finally started adding items to our Finish Your Look page! This will be a rapidly growing category - be sure to keep checking back in!  A few of our favorites you can find there include:

We are especially LOVING this red, white and blue scarf.  How timeless is this!

We have also added a few clutches under Finish Your Look. These cannot be monogrammed, but are beautiful non-the-less!

Hope you all enjoy your week!

--Simply Embroidered

New Products Added

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! It has been snowy and cold around here, so we have been adding products with pops of color to cheer us up! Here are a few new things you can find on our website!

Monogrammed Sport Duffle Gym Bag

We have also begun to run a few insta-sales on our Facebook  and Instagram (@SEmbroidered). These are items that we have limited stock of or are debuting before we add them to our website. These items will be shipping the same day that the order is placed and paid. 

Check back frequently as we continue to add new items!

Thanks again for shopping with us, and don't forget to follow us on Pinterest - SEmbroidered.